All we have to do is nothing

Last night, at about 4:45 am, I woke to the sound of a child crying and calling out. It took a minute to realize it wasn’t one of my children, who slept in a tangled pile of sheets and limbs. ‘Haak? do you hear that child crying?” I asked and we both got up to […]


I used to feel homesick a lot when I was first living in Montana. I would kind of dive into the feeling, longing so hard to just feel fine sand beneath my feet and smell fishy, minerally sea air. To walk across dry, crackling good smelling eucalyptus leaves and be in the harsh Australian sun, […]

Darling jacket

I’ve never had a relationship with an item of clothing quite like my love affair with the down jacket I bought two years ago. I’ve worn this navy blue jacket ten months of each year I’ve owned it, and when I’m not wearing it, its presence is upsetting Haakon because I slither out of it […]